Why choose Ludo’s Primal Wellness?

Unlock employee potential, improve health and wellbeing and save on the cost of long-term health problems in the corporate industry.

Our corporate health coach experts are armed with holistic knowledge of how fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle influence well-being. We work with clients to design an inclusive, flexible, and responsive plan to move employee daily practices toward healthy choices.

1. In-depth knowledge:

We want to understand you perfectly. Fill in our survey to help us find out more about your company and its wellness goals and aspirations.

2. Tailored solutions:

Our expert team will create a programme especially for your workplace.

3. Empowered employees:

We’ll deliver a bespoke health and wellness plan to increase company wellbeing and boost productivity.


Executives Health and Employee Wellness

As the pace of life increases, with people faced with the difficult task of balancing their work, social and personal lives, there’s no escaping the fact that finding moments of solace is more difficult than ever before.

At Ludo’s Primal Wellness, we’re proud to be champions of the benefits of health and wellness lifestyle, but we also understand that for some, putting fitness first just isn’t possible.

With that in mind, we have spent years developing health and wellness programmes that support the demands of modern life whilst improving levels of focus, productivity and self-worth.

Based on our three pillars of wellness for optimal human health: Physical, Emotional and Nutritional, our corporate scheme not only offers employees undeniable benefits but employers too.


Making a difference

Adopting a primal lifestyle can help with both the physical and mental challenges faced – helping executives and employees find their calm amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

of all work-related ill health conditions are due to stress, anxiety and depression

of work-related health problems are muscular or skeletal

of adults in Scotland are overweight, largely due to physical inactivity and poor diet.

working days a year lost to per employee due to sickness or illness-related underperformance.




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