Why choose Ludo’s Primal Wellness?

Unlock employee potential, improve health and wellbeing and save on the cost of long-term health problems in the workplace with the help of our experienced team.

1. Let’s talk:
We’ll find out more about your company wellness goals and aspirations with one to one meetings and surveys.

2. Tailor solutions:
Our expert team will create a programme especially for your workplace.

3. Empower employees:
We’ll deliver a bespoke health and wellness plan to increase company morale.


Our Services

Ludo’s Primal Wellness is a dedicated programme that supports the demand of modern life.

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The p.e.a.k challenge

To help us adapt to our “new normal” way of living and inspire people to embrace a more active and engage lifestyle to become the best version of themselves


Movement is the essence of life, it keeps us feed, strong, confident and content. Using the limitless way of moving we will make sure that you move physically and intellectually equally.


No achievement are easy, you’ll have to demonstrate resilience and perseverance to make sure you are crossing the finishing as a team. Sweat, excitement, nerves, fear, euphoria you’ll be guaranteed to experience a whole lot of emotions!


Test your team building skills, you’ll only be allowed to start and finish as a team. Our challenges will allow every members of your team to bring their A game, just make sure to know your team members well. 


Receive training and nutritional tips on how you can make the challenge as comfortable for you and your team. We are all beginners when trying something for the first time, we will give you the tools to gain sufficient skills to compete.


Making a difference

Adopting a primal lifestyle can help with both the physical and mental challenges faced – helping employees find their calm amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

of all work-related ill health conditions are due to stress, anxiety and depression

of work-related health problems are muscular or skeletal

of adults in Scotland are overweight, largely due to physical inactivity and poor diet.

adults in Scotland are overweight, largely due to physical inactivity and poor diet.