5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine

In this blog we give you 5 simple ways to improve your daily routine, which will help you feel better in your body.

  1. Take the time in the morning to thoroughly prepare yourself before you leave for work

Too often people leave it to the last possible minute to get up having ‘snoozed’ their alarm umpteen times. By this point they’re rushing around the house, frantically getting their things together and don’t have time for breakfast. Aim to wake up 1 hour before you have to leave for work and use this time prepare your mind and body for the day ahead – remember, our minds are positive in the mornings as they are well rested during sleep. Drink a glass of water when you wake up to ensure you’re hydrated – this will also boost your metabolism. Take 5-10 minutes to go for a stroll down the street, walk around the house or sit on the floor and stretch. Catch up on the news or your Facebook before you go into work to avoid flicking through your phone when you get to your desk. Whilst breakfast is not an obligation before you leave the house, it is the most important meal you’ll have all day, so you need to have it at some point – make sure you have a healthy snack ready to take to work for when you are ready for breakfast! Build up your morning routine by waking up 5 minutes earlier each week until you reach the hour mark.

  1. Eat more frequently but lighter

This one’s fairly simple – you should eat when you’re hungry. It’s your body telling you that it needs fuel. This doesn’t mean raiding the vending machines as soon as you feel your stomach grumble, but eating lighter, healthy snacks throughout the day. Instead of eating a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, replace this with a handful of nuts or, even better, cold roasted vegetables from the night before. Try to eat foods which include plenty of fibre and protein, as these will keep you feeling satisfied and focused in the office for longer, and will help you avoid the post lunchtime slump. Don’t forget that eating regularly can actually help you lose weight as well, as your body burns calories at a faster rate. It will also reduce your temptation to snack on foods high in fat or sugar.

  1. Stay hydrated

Our favourite drinks in the office are tea and coffee. Whilst these drinks can sometimes give us that much needed caffeine boost, the effects are often short lived and do not provide adequate hydration. Drinking water throughout the day will ensure you’re properly hydrated and will help keep you focussed and alert. In fact, research has shown that being hydrated is associated with better mental performance and can help reduce tiredness and fatigue. We’re not suggesting you replace tea and coffee with water, but try drinking a cup of water along with it. Remember, the NHS recommend we drink 1.2 litres of water day (that’s about 6-8 glasses). However, don’t stress about it if you don’t drink exactly 6-8 glasses of water, as it will vary from one individual to another depending on lifestyle. The great thing is we can also obtain a lot of the water we need through food as long as we eat plenty fruit and vegetables!

  1. Take regular breaks

Quite simply, you need to avoid being slumped in your chair all day, staring at your computer screen. Your productivity will plummet and it’s the making of a sedentary lifestyle. You need to keep your body moving! So, every 20-30 minutes take a break and walk around the office; fill up your water bottle, chat to a colleague, stretch your arms and look away from your computer screen. Some say that humans can’t properly concentrate on one thing for more than 20 minutes at a time, so taking just a few minutes for a mental break every half hour or so will work wonders for your productivity and you’ll feel better for it.

  1. Refocus after work

Going straight from a busy day in the office into your evening routine, whether it be cooking dinner, spending time with the family or going to the gym, doesn’t let you reenergise and reflect. In fact it’s likely to bring your stresses from work into your home. Instead, give yourself just 10 minutes alone in silence after work to refocus your mind and reflect on your day – it will leave you feeling energised and positive, and you’ll be ready to continue with your evening. Take notes throughout your day on what you have achieved and reflect on them during this time. Close your eyes for these 10 minutes, meditate or read a book – as humans we need time to relax.

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