Are you well at work?

The statistics stop you in your tracks. 37% of all work-related ill health is due to stress. The average cost of absence from work per

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Food for Life: Meet Paul

Name: Paul Course outcomes: has started eating meat again, increase in amount of water drunk each day, has lost weight, keen to learn more and

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Get Glasgow involved in sport!

Take advantage of Glasgow 2018! From the 2nd August, Glasgow will be welcoming Europe’s top athletes to take part in the Glasgow 2018 European Championships: a

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Kick start your 2018

I don’t know about you, but I find new year’s resolutions a bit overwhelming. All that pressure to take on the world and tackle all

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Remember to Press Pause

No time to read this?  Have you bookmarked this to come back to later, only later never comes? When come up for air, we know

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Get Control of Your Day

In this blog Ludo shares his approach on how to get control of your day, simply by filling in a journal. Yes, it’s that easy

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