Do workplace wellness programmes really work?

Wellness – it’s a bit of a corporate buzz word just now, isn’t it? But can businesses really be expected to help take responsibility for their employees’ health and wellbeing, and in reality what can they actually do? Do workplace wellness programmes really work?

Let’s think for a moment about how many hours we spend at work. For most of us, it’s at least 50% of our waking hours, so if we’re not focusing on wellness whilst at work, surely we can only hope to be 50% as effective in improving our health and wellbeing?

In many workplaces, research shows that health often takes a backseat. Employers lose an average of 35.6 working days per worker annually due to health-related absence and presenteeism, equating to £61bn in lost productivity. So, if we can get it right both the employer and employees stand to benefit.

As a primal wellness coach, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits that focusing on health and wellbeing in the workplace can bring – both for employees and for the organisation. It can be a win-win situation for everyone. While you likely know that wellness programmes offer many benefits to organisations and individuals, the impact of these programmes on an employee’s productivity may surprise you:

  • Increases company productivity

Engaging in activities, like exercise and eating well, increases employee productivity and performance. Your brain will be better focused on tasks, and you’ll feel more energised and motivated to accomplish work. When employees are highly productive, the company is able to boost their chances to achieve their goals which produces an even better work environment.

  • Brings employees together and builds camaraderie

Group activities that involve health and fitness gives employees the opportunity to get to know people from all different parts of the organisation better, perhaps people they’d not had much contact with before. This also creates a positive work culture which is a huge benefit socially and for the business.

  • Creates healthier habits

Why not learn some healthy new habits whilst you’re at work? By doing this, you’ll learn to shift into a health-conscious mindset that benefits you. Food choices and workout schedules will be positively influenced because of your atmosphere. When employees are fueled with nutritious snacks, it can boost work productivity and happiness within the workplace further.

  • Reduces stress

Offering on-site meditation classes is an excellent way to help employees relieve some stress and teach them healthy coping techniques. Just a 10-minute meditation break can help employees clear their minds and feel more relaxed. One of my clients at Active Creditfix has mentioned how “yoga classes are a perfect way to de-stress at the start of the week.”

To me, it’s a no-brainer. Healthy employees cost the company less, which in turn, leads to increased levels of productivity and happiness within the workplace. Here at Ludo’s Primal Wellness, we always try to make wellness a priority within our programmes. We encourage employees to ride their bikes to work and to take a half hour here or there to fit in a quick workout. We also try to keep the windows opened and the sun streaming into the office – because we all know sunshine always makes you feel better!

If you want to chat about how we can help your organisation, get in touch, I’m just phone call away!


(Vitality’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study)

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