Food for Life: Meet Anna Osipenko

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Name: Anna Osipenko

Course outcomes: lost 10 pounds; fired up to improve her food habits; more energy; knowledge of what foods are best for us.

The detail:  Anna has lived in Glasgow for over 20 years. Originally from the Ukraine, Anna is a passionate foodie, who particularly loves cooking and baking, including traditional dishes from home like Borsch. She’s also a dab hand at making kefir and other fermented foods.

“I’ve always been interested in food, and have tried Paleo and calorie-controlled diets, as well as enduring a very on-off journey with carbs! But I’ve never been able to sustain it, and I needed a lifestyle change with a system and structure for my eating to get lasting benefits.”

Despite her good base knowledge of food types, Anna still felt she learned a lot at the workshops, both from the course content, but also by sharing together with the other people participating:

“I’m seeing olive oil in a whole new light and have had to change the way I use this oil in my cooking. It’s great to get back to using solid fat with a clear conscience. I’ve scaled back the amount of fruit we eat now, and look out for the “dirty dozen” (those fruits and vegetables that absorb pesticides the most) when doing the shopping.”

Anna’s favourite thing about the workshops was the structure – the informal setting in Primal Roast coffee shop, the enthusiastic and passionate delivery of the course by Ludovic Roy, and all the reading material that helped her digest information more slowly in her own time between workshops.

“I absolutely loved the passion which Ludo led the course. It was contagious and fired me up to have a far more personal commitment to making lifestyle changes. It has reignited the enthusiasm in me – almost like a great therapy session!”

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