Food for Life: Meet Paul

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Name: Paul

Course outcomes: has started eating meat again, increase in amount of water drunk each day, has lost weight, keen to learn more and could do the course all over again.

The detail:  Paul is an electrician, working in a whole range of different industries across his home town of Glasgow and beyond. Whilst he likes the idea of healthy eating and has read about how to maintain a healthy diet, it can be harder to put into practice.

“I was interested to learn about the Primal lifestyle and was keen to get more knowledge and guidance on what I was eating, combined with the discipline of a course to help me focus.”

Key for Paul has been the opportunity to share ideas with the others on the course, as well as working through all the course content together – quite a challenge sometimes in the time available as everyone was enjoying it so much!

“I’m making lots of small changes from what I’ve learned: the handy chart showing what’s in season at different times of the year means I know what to look for at the farmers market; insights into portion control are saving me from eating too many cashew nuts (!) and the advice about organic, grass fed meat has been a revelation.”

Paul appreciated the learning style, with a comprehensive course guide for each workshop and someone there that he could approach with any questions. He also enjoyed the access to the online portal and apps to receive group support, track progress and log food intake.

“Next steps for me are to work on what I’ve learned and apply it in my everyday life. I know I’ll be referring to the handouts regularly as I read and assimilate them and there’s a certain level of responsibility on my shoulders to put it into action. I could do this course over again and again.”

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