How to be Mindful of “Me”

The Primal lifestyle is all about mindfulness: paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you. The Primal lifestyle challenges us to adopt mindfulness in our movement, mindfulness in our eating and mindfulness in our socialising. I’ve found the way to become mindful is to create little conscious habits and turn them into subconscious habits. My three conscious habits are keeping a journal, meditating and trying to wake up fifteen minutes earlier each day!

Why should I be mindful and how mindfulness would affect our relationship with others?

We should place our own wellbeing at the heart of being mindful. I like to call it looking after “Me”. This will allow us to be the most mentally strong, healthiest human being that we can be to be supportive of our families and those we care about.

In order to help our relationships to flourish, we need to prioritise our focus, at that means placing “Me” first. Does that seem surprising? When you think about it, in order to contribute fully to any healthy relationship, we need to make sure we are in a good mental and physical state – it is the key to maintaining positive energy around us.

Too often people complain about how stressful and busy life can be, how little time they have to visit friends or loved ones. It’s easy to become a passenger in our own life, losing touch with the people around us.
I was one of those people, and still can be if I’m not consciously focusing on what matters the most. I’ve learned to accept and respect myself and to give myself time every day as a priority, I have to own my personal relationship with myself first!

Being aware of my mind and body each day allows me to be available for the people around me. Only when  “Me” is good we can grow a positive relationship with our spouse, children, parents, relatives, work colleagues, even strangers. Socialising and relationships are a very important part of the primal lifestyle, allowing us to grow, to stay safe, to become more confident and to play. Most importantly they allow us to share and love.

So are you going to be a passenger, or are you going to be Mindful of “Me”?

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