It’s all about fats, but are Scots eating the right ones?

Swap vegetable oil for lard for a smaller waistline and a healthier heart

Leading Nutritionist and Food Scientist Sonnda Catto from Ludo’s Primal Wellness, believes Scots need to radically change how they think about fats for the healthiest and most nutritious diet and to keep the pounds off.  Catto, who has 20 years’ experience working in the forefront of health research in Scotland, is urging dieters to ditch vegetable oils, previously considered the healthiest option, in favour of more traditional fats such as dripping, lard, and butter.

Sonnda Catto explains more:

“There are increasing amounts of research exposing low-fat diets as a flawed approach, which don’t work long-term.  There is a clear correlation with increased obesity in the UK and the introduction of the low-fat / high carbohydrate guidelines in the 1980s.  At Ludo’s Primal Wellness, we consider natural fats to be the answer (in moderation of course) and as an experienced chef, I create recipes and advice about using the right fats to get the best results for taste and for health.  Our workshop on fats will help dispel myths about fats and how they should be eaten.”

Former St Mirren footballer and founder of Ludo’s Primal Wellness, Ludovic Roy is pioneering the primal movement in Scotland with his coaching, workshops and retreats.  Ludo’s Primal Wellness focusses on a diet of vegetables, meat and good fats; exercise and movement and an overarching theme of self-care through positive coaching.   Primal is already a popular trend in the USA led by health guru Mark Sissons who dispenses advice on diet and movement and exercise.  Ludo commissioned the ‘Know your Fats to Trim the Fat’ workshop as part of a series of nutrition seminars he is running at Primal Roast, which form part of his innovative work to promote all things primal.

Ludo Roy said:

“The Primal lifestyle can help with the physical and mental challenges experienced by most of us, providing an antidote to our sedentary lifestyles and refocusing attention on convenient, nutritious and real food. Embracing the primal way can help combat the effects of society’s modern day diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, IBS, Crohn’s, celiac and many more.  My vision is to guide people to take care of themselves better and think about fundamental human needs and how they integrate them into their lives within modern society; fuelling the body and mind are very important elements of that process.”

Recommendations include:

  • Only ever cook with solid fats (eg lard, dripping, ghee, butter)
  • Throw out all refined vegetable oils
  • Add more raw nuts and nut oils to your diet
  • Never heat or cook with MUFAS (monounsaturated fatty acids – eg extra virgin olive oil) or unrefined PUFAS (polyunsaturated fatty acids eg nut and vegetable based oils) – only use them to drizzle on salads / soups

The ‘Know Your Fats to Trim the Fat’ workshop takes place on Thursday 3 May at Primal Roast, Glasgow. For more information or to book a place on the workshop

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