Ludo’s Primal Wellness launch in the workplace to tackle Scotland’s ‘sick days’

Former St. Mirren footballer turned Primal Health Coach Ludo Roy is launching a range of corporate packages available across Central Scotland to help workplaces become more healthy and productive.  Ludo is committed to lowering workplace absence and helping businesses realise their full potential through investing in their staff’s wellbeing and health.   

Sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29bn each year with absence from work costing employers around £554 per employee each year.  The average worker taking 6.9 days off each year due to sickness, the equivalent of an estimated 25.9 million working days lost to the UK economy.  80% of work related conditions are muscular / skeletal issues (mostly back and neck pain) or mental health (anxiety, stress or depression).  These particular issues are addressed by Ludo’s Primal Wellness and the packages available to businesses reflect these trends and offer practical solutions based on medical testing and tailored to individual business objectives.   

The primal movement was founded in the USA and is based around the concept of going back to basic functional and emotional human needs, within the context of the modern day; it is an antidote to our sedentary lifestyles and focuses on convenient nutritious and real food. Most importantly, the primal lifestyle challenges society’s modern day diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, IBS, Crohn’s, celiac etc.    

The Primal Wellness packages address eating habits, daily movement and mind set, with the end-goal of staying healthy, productive, fit and confident well into old age.  A positive, healthy culture is an important factor in combating sick leave and ensuring a loyal, happy and productive workforce.   

The wellness packages are delivered in partnership with associated Health Care Professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians and coaches including a range of experts at the Glasgow Medical Rooms and experienced physiotherapist Margot Cohen.  Unlike other Wellness trainers, Ludo’s Primal Wellness offers a complete package of experts all under one roof, giving best value for businesses and ease of use and best continuity for employees.

Ludo Roy said:

“It’s widely known that a sedentary, desk based lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to a healthy body and mind, however many of us work in offices.  Back and neck pain and work related stress is crippling our workforces.  The Primal Wellness packages I am offering directly address these issues and offer practical solutions.  A happy, healthy workforce is a loyal and productive one and it’s proven that by adopting some of the Primal Health measures into your company’s culture, will have a big impact on absenteeism and boost staff morale.”

The Primal Wellness Packages on offer include one-to-one coaching, Primal health screening, lunch time workshops and corporate retreats.  The offering includes a full assessment of employee’s health and work space and practical support and advice on changes.  These can be tailored to businesses individual requirements and businesses can also choose from the menu of options below. Each package comes with posters, inspiration cards and motivational updates.

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