Executive Health

From making high-level decisions to leading teams, executives are equal to elite athletes. Their decisions have a lasting impression on business success so it’s important that they feel they’re ready to take on any challenges that come their way.

The pressure to perform at work can allow stresses to creep into everyday life. Sleepless nights, short attention spans and low morale are just few results of having a work, eat, repeat lifestyle. 

Taking time to log off is important but that doesn’t mean standing still. Our executive training programme offers the chance to step out of the office and unwind with dedicated one-to-one coaching and a tailored plan. 

Executive health is more than just a fitness plan. It’s a health and wellness approach designed to help executives create a new, well-rounded work and lifestyle cycle. 

Employees Wellness

Employee engagement is more important now than ever before. As the traditional workplace we once knew almost becomes a distant memory, keeping up company morale is important.
Through interactive events, challenges and classes, the Ludo Primal Wellness team is proud to encourage employees to become more active. Incorporating additional movement into everyday life doesn’t need to be a hardship and our fun classes are designed to help people of all ages and abilities to embrace a more active lifestyle.
An active workforce is an engaged workforce and investing in employee health and wellbeing can help improve wellbeing, focus, productivity and reduce sick days.

* The Scottish Health Survey for Scotland, NHS health boards and local authority areas

One team, one vision

The aim of the services is simple, despite our human complex biological mechanisms, we strive to normalise hormonal responses by adapting evolutionary patterns for modern-day lifestyles. Our health coaches can support your employees to better understand their medical diagnosis and assist with following through on the doctor’s treatment plan. Coaching can also incorporate powerful company behavioral changes to offer invaluable benefits beyond your employee’s wellness.

  1. Build a positive and cooperative culture
  2. Reduce company health costs and absenteeism
  3. Build a positive and cooperative culture
  4. Improve company communication, performance, and profits
  5. Help companies optimise health benefits, HR investments and widen business networking opportunities