Shining a light on employee health and wellness

At Ludo’s Primal Wellness we are proud to champion the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

However, we understand that for some people finding the time to invest in personal development and growth can be easier said than done.

As the pace of life continues to increase opportunities to indulge in a little ‘me time’ can seem few and far between, making finding a healthy work / life balance even more difficult. This attitude can have a direct impact on physical and mental health, making it imperative to tackle the problem head on.

With that in mind our corporate scheme aims to provide employers with a programme tailored to the needs of their staff, ensuring they have peace of mind that finding headspace and improving their fitness doesn’t have to be compromise.

One team, one vision

The aim of the service is simple. We work with clients to:

  • Build a positive and cooperative culture
  • Reduce company health costs and absenteeism
  • Build a positive and cooperative culture
  • Build a positive and cooperative culture
  • Improve company communication, performance and profits
  • Help companies optimise health benefits, HR investments and widen business networking opportunities.

Working it out

Our experienced team is on hand to provide a vast range of services to provide a bespoke health and wellness package for employers. From increasing physical activity to sharing a wealth of expert knowledge and advice, our services extend far beyond just a short workout plan.

Physical Activity

We offer a range of classes to help companies and employees meet their fitness goals. Focusing on the needs of the organisation and its staff, we’re delighted to create a programme that meets the demands of a modern workplace. Services include:

  • Tailor made classes to suit the client
  • An extensive range of fitness opportunities, including holistic classes such as yoga, Pilates and meditation, high intensity training such as spin and Insanity as well as specific classes such as running, rehabilitation and mindfulness
  • Short classes to suit busy schedules
  • Low class numbers to ensure personal touch
  • Specific gym area for each type of classes

Personal Health

Our services extend beyond improving physical health. Our team of experts is proud to support employees in their own personal health journey away from the gym and offer:

  • Tailored advice to support individual employees
  • Lifestyle coaching including life and health goal settings
  • Body composition tracking
  • Fitness tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose tracking
  • Backed by and referred to medical experts if required
  • Monthly reviews

Shining a light on employee health and wellness

It’s no secret that teamwork makes the dream work and that’s something we understand at Ludo’s Primal Wellness. We interact with teams continually to optimise productivity and focus. We will:
  • Help company create a positive and proactive culture
  • Build employee confidence and help them manage stress and anxiety responses in a fun and competitive manner
  • Create new leaders through our competitive challenges (either individual or team challenges)
  • Extend business networking with our in-business challenges


We firmly believe that knowledge is power. That’s why our workshops are designed to empower employees to make the best health decisions and increase motivation. Our team is on hand to:

  • Give employees the right tools to perform efficiently
  • Share knowledge to build mastery habits
  • Host monthly workshops related to general health, well-being and workforce development. From cancer prevention to cookery lessons and learning about the benefits of sleep, workshops are wide-ranging and can be tailored to each client
  • Arrange leading health and wellness experts to share knowledge within the organisation
  • Host Interactive workshop to ensure a positive learning experience
  • Help and improve decision making
  • Aim to improve employee health for higher productivity return
  • Send monthly newsletters to support and inform the company

We firmly believe that knowledge is power. That’s why our workshops are designed to empower employees to make the best health decisions and increase motivation. Our team is on hand to: