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We’ve helped companies to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce company health costs
  • Increase employee morale

Why choose Ludo’s Primal Wellness?

Unlock employee potential, improve health and wellbeing and save on the cost of long-term health problems in the workplace with the help of our experienced team.

1. Let’s talk:
We’ll find out more about your company wellness goals and aspirations with one to one meetings and surveys.

2. Tailor solutions:
Our expert team will create a programme especially for your workplace.

3. Empower employees:
We’ll deliver a bespoke health and wellness plan to increase company morale.

The pillars of employee wellbeing

There’s more to health and wellbeing than just exercise and a good diet.


Debt and wellness go hand in hand. Money worries can have a serious impact on mental health, while mental health can cause, or heighten, money worries. 

According to a study by charity Money and Mental Health, 72% of people said mental health had negatively impacted their finances wile 86% made their mental health worse. 

The good news is, the cycle can be broken with dedicated support and resources from our team of experts. 


It’s no secret that food is essential to our general wellbeing. Not only is it important for our physical development but also for optimal cognitive function. 

We believe that that people benefit from a simplified and more naturally focused way of eating. 

Our experts meet with employees to create individual nutritional plans that improve the health and wellness. Advising specific medical recommendations makes us leader in our field of wellness for your employees.


Did you know almost 70% of the UK population is either overweight or obese? Those who struggle with weight management face a host of chronic health problems as well as reduced productivity in the workplace. 

Our team is on hand to help employees and employers feel healthier. From health biometric screening to full medicals we make sure that your employees know about their health status and have the resources available to them to overcome the diagnosis.


Making a positive change to health and wellbeing doesn’t always require hours of weightlifting or a strict diet. In fact, the easiest way to improve our physical wellbeing is to get on the move. 

Introducing movement into daily life is a key focus at Ludo’s Primal Wellness. Regardless of fitness levels, or aspirations, our experts are here to empower employees to physically enhance their quality of life, both physically and emotionally, through bespoke lifestyle plans and recommendations.

It’s time to feel amazing

Physical empowerment and active knowledge

Do you have the resources to become the healthiest company in scotland?

The p.e.a.k challenge

To help us adapt to our “new normal” way of living and inspire people to embrace a more active and engage lifestyle to become the best version of themselves


Movement is the essence of life. It keeps us fed, strong, confident and content. 

The challenge will encourage you to embrace movement in limitless way to ensure physical and intellectual strength.  


Success isn’t always easy, and the challenge is designed to test your limits. 

Achievement relies on resilience and perseverance to make sure you cross the finish line as a team. Sweat, excitement, nerves, fear, euphoria you’ll be guaranteed to experience a whole lot of emotions! 


The ultimate test of team building skills, the challenge starts and ends as a team. Victory lies in the ability of teams to bring their a-game and work together.


Challenges should push your limits but you’re never alone. Our team is on hand to offer support throughout your P.E.A.K journey with training and nutritional tips. 

clients and partners


Hi Ludo like to thank you for the help and inspiration getting me where I am today. All the chats we’ve had and the content you’ve shared with me has given me the motivation to keep going. It has totally changed my life and health. Thank you so much.

Hugh boyd, FINBORA

Ludo your latest challenge was so inspiring and it’s helped me achieve what I never even thought was possible. Thanks again for all your support.