Will you still be dancing in your 80’s?

Personal trainers –  do they make you want to run a mile, only in the opposite direction? Does it just not feel all that personal after all?

Understandably in a society where visual appearance can lead to snap judgements about the people we meet, it’s a relentless focus on short-term fixes for our fitness problems: our weight, how much iron we can pump, what our body mass index is. Now, I’m not saying these things aren’t important – it’s great to have bite-sized goals to help measure progress. But, how about focusing your personal training on the long term? We want to focus on gradual lifestyle changes which will prepare you for the decades ahead, so that you really can still be dancing in your 80s.

And that’s where we’re different. A lot of the people who we train are in their 40s and 50s, with all the lifestyle stresses and career juggling that this age group experiences: full and part-time jobs, supporting elderly family relatives, ferrying kids to after-school clubs. And in spite of their hectic lifestyle, they’ve made themselves a priority, and are making a personal commitment to their future. We work to create realistic, gradual goals which often focus on being in good health into later life.

With the amazing advances in medicine, we face the prospect of living well into our 80s and 90s, but we want to live well, as well as stay alive. The natural effects of aging can bring about loss of muscle mass, bringing an associated loss of balance. It’s easy to lose confidence and just stop getting out each day, reducing hugely important social interaction as a result.

As qualified MovNat trainers, we’re focused on fitness for the real world, and this means re-introducing techniques that focus on ongoing mobility and confidence through natural movement….and a lot of laughter along the way!

What to expect? Well, be prepared to have some fun, whether we’re training at your home, at a local park, or at your gym. There will be plenty of floor work, reconnecting with the natural primal movements which your body used to do every day before we became a pretty sedentary society: crawling, rolling, balancing, lifting, pushing and pulling. With the introduction of play into our training, you can almost forget you’re working out, particularly in our group sessions.

So fancy getting personal after all?

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